Strategic Human Resource Executive Program

Strategic Human Resource Executive Program

  • 19-23 November, 2018,

  • 4-8 March, 2019,

  • Johannesburg.

Our Strategic Human Resource Executive Program is intended to establish HR as a true partner in advancing and driving business goals, and enhancing your value as both a member of your senior management team and a leader of the human resource function. You’ll learn how to lead your HR operation to advance overall business strategy, deliver value to investors, customers, and employees, and set a new, strategic vision for your HR operations. Participants will discuss the latest research and thinking on talent management, communication, managing culture across global organizations, facilitating change, performance management, organization design, HR competence, upgrading HR professionals, and defining the organization’s leadership brand.

You will also look at why it’s critically important for HR organizations to pivot from fighting the “war for talent” to creating victory through organisation. Talent specialists aren’t investing in millennials because they see them as job-hoppers on whom investment is wasted, or as a talent that’s too young to warrant development. Yet the vast majority of millennials are not only sticky, they are the bench strength for leadership. A tidal wave of exiting boomers leaves a gap that Generation X cannot fill. And because they are the most diverse generation ever to be college educated millennials are also the talent pool with the potential to at least change the face of leadership in the corporate environment.


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