Management Skills For Executive Assistants & Office Managers

Management Skills For Executive Assistants and Office Managers

  • 22-26 October, 2018 – Cape Town,

  • 14-18 January, 2019 – Johannesburg

There are few careers more greatly underestimated. Often thought of as a ‘stepping stone’ position, EAs actually have a profound influence on the ability of executives to do their job well. And in these days of overflowing inboxes and myriad channels of communication, the role has never been more important —nor as demanding.

While EAs seek to navigate a constantly shifting professional landscape, specific training for EAs tailored by an executive team in both private and public sectors is scarce.

The role of the Executive Assistant / Secretary is growing exponentially. From humble beginning, the Executive Assistant / Secretary is normally university qualified and required to perform demanding roles on behalf of their boss such as preparing executive reports, make presentations, attending and even making contributions during executive board meetings.

Executive Assistants / Secretaries now have a highly visible and demanding role in blue-chip corporations and government organizations.

This demanding role makes it imperative that the Executive Assistant / Secretary has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the key fundamentals of Strategic Thinking, Project Management, Corporate Finance and Reporting, Leadership, HR, Procurement and Information Technology.

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

  • Adapt to the manager’s needs and style of working

  • Take initiative when needed

  • Develop social intelligence

  • Develop basic business acumen

  • Understand the importance of office management

  • Listen actively

  • Prepare for changes and surprises

  • Manage others and keep them on track

  • Keeping minutes

  • Manage meetings expertly

  • Understand and use email protocol

  • Develop computer and communication skills

  • Develop phone and voicemail etiquette

  • Develop confidentiality standards

  • Understand and use social media management

  • Handle difficult people and situations

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