Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

  • 18-22 June, 2018,

  • 10-14 September, 2018,

  • Johannesburg.

All decisions in a business organisation are driven by how they affect its performance and financial health. Whether your background is in human recourses, logistics, or robotics – or if you are a small business entrepreneur or an independent professional – this course helps you to better understand the financial terminology, processes, and decision making. A strong financial understanding of your business is critical to your success regardless of your industry. This course will strengthen your practical understanding of the financial market, and you will gain intellectual insights into finance and accounting management. It will help transform financial and accounting concepts into decision-making tools that can be used successfully.

Participants will be able to define the four key financial statements as well as key financial terms such as profit, margins, and leverage used in organizations. They will be equipped to interpret the financial health and condition of a company and be able to use this financial information for management and evaluation. They will also be able to prepare a company’s operating budget and relate it to the organisation’s strategic objectives.This course will also examine in detail financial concepts such as opex, capex, accurals, prepayment, and depreciation.

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